Criminal Guide

Getting Started

Juniper loves criminals, and we rely and encourage on you to create and help RP flourish in different aspects of the sim. Individual criminals are just as important as factions, and this guide is going to tell you everything that you need to know about both, and what kind of roleplay advantages and processes we have in place for you. This guide may be long, but keep reading, there’s perks in it for you!

Everyone who wishes to be recognized as a criminal in Juniper must apply to our Juniper Criminals group, which is a separate group from the Citizen Group. Whether you are a petty criminal or someone with a skilled rap sheet, if you plan to consistently commit crimes, you should be applying to this group.

Everyone who applies starts as a Juniper Criminal.

Aside from our regular criminal roles, there are also special, circumstantial criminal tags that you may be awarded based on your roleplay interactions.
These tags are temporary and who exactly has them will change from time to time.

(Criminal roles are outlined to the left, temporary tags to the right)

Juniper Criminal
Juniper Heathen
Juniper Felon
Juniper Terrorist
Juniper Villain
Juniper Mastermind

Juniper Monthly Criminal
Juniper Guman
Juniper Predator
Juniper Jailbird

While we will not share exactly what the qualifications are to earn each role, know there are outlines in place and we will follow them to award these to you! The reason why we do not make it public is simply to avoid people rushing to get the tags. Keep in mind it is impossible to obtain all of these tags in a short period of time regardless, the length of time you have been a member of the sim overall plays a part in the tags.

Tags are a combination of crimes committed, police, hospital, newspaper and court interaction, participation in sim plots, time on sim and your overall presence on the sim - how inclusive you are and the stories that you create, so yes, some are subjective. These tags are a chance for you to show off a little bit and pride yourself on the work you have done, but they do not give you special privileges.

Every 30 days, you can submit a request to have your tags reviewed by submitting a Criminal Review. You will be required to fill in information about what you have been doing on sim, so make sure you keep track of this! We recommend keeping a NC of your arrests, injuries, and any other incidents so you can refer to them quickly when you request a review. Once you submit we will follow up letting you know if any new tags are received, but if not you can submit for another review in 30 days, but you are not required to submit every 30 days. If you want to skip a few months, that is fine.

It is all in good fun to keep the challenge of getting the next tag going, it's not a race.  We do require you to submit for reviews to acquire any tags, we will not track this for you. If you do not submit we will assume you are not interested in the tags at that time until you do submit.

Criminals make the world go round, back to what we were saying…

Recognition is important, and we want to recognize you for your efforts in creating collaborative storylines on sim.
Here are a few things we have in place to reward you, aside from those tags.

And perhaps our largest recognition of them all..

Criminal of the Month

The ‘Criminal of the Month’ award is selected by the Juniper staff. While we will not reveal our methods of this selection, what we can say is that it is based on effort put in by the criminals of our wonderful sim through their writing, which is always the most important thing when it comes to roleplay! 

We know that playing a criminal can be a lot of work, so we are always looking for ways to incorporate more RP based rewards.
If you have any ideas, let us know!

Click here to visit the Criminal Application.

Once you've been approved as a Citizen, fill this out to get started earning your tags!