Faction Guide

Getting Started

Just like we love criminals, we love factions. Factions are organized crime efforts consisting of three or more people.
If you are thinking about submitting a faction, there are a few rules that you should know.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, and we have answers.

How do I apply for a faction?

You will fill out a form here. Admins will review and contact you within 72 hours, either letting you know that you are moving to a trial period, discussing your ideas with you, or providing constructive feedback. We do not recommend creating a faction on a whim and will expect your ideas to be thought out. We’re willing to give any active players a chance, but you need a foundation. Please review the existing factions and try to create a unique focus.

What factions are currently available, how do I join?

You can view our list of active factions here. It is best to contact a member OOC and let them know you are interested, as each faction may have different IC qualifications for joining!

Now for the part you’re looking for, the perks…

Recognition is important, and we want to recognize you for your efforts in creating collaborative storylines on sim.
Here are a few things we have in place to reward you, aside from what was mentioned in the criminal section.


Faction Milestones and Turf

Faction advancement will be broken down by three stages. It is important to note that beyond Level 1, you are in control of when your faction advances to the next level, we do not monitor this for you. You need to proactively request that we review you to advance to the next stage. Listed below are descriptions of each stage as well as what factions in this stage can and cannot do, and the perks that come with each one, so please reference this at any time that you need.

Faction Sim Plots

Sim Plots are a great way to get your faction out there, as well as promote and weave stories for the entire sim. Plots based around your faction are not mandatory, but are an incentive if you want to expand your faction and earn further recognition. We encourage any faction that has made it to Level 3 to consider crafting a Sim Plot as a reward for your hard work, you have earned it and we are here to help. Here are some things you need to know about Faction Sim Plots.


  • A Sim Plot can run between 3-5 days.
  • You can run one Faction focused sim plot every three months.
  • The sim plot can have your faction as the center focus or the culprit behind it, depending on the direction that you take.
    Examples: If you want your faction sim plot to be a court trial against your entire gang, that is a sim plot with your faction as the focus. If you want your faction sim plot to be a city wide gang attack, that is a sim plot with your faction as the culprit.
  • You must develop and create your sim plot idea. You will then work with the Criminal Lead and Story Weavers on how we can help bring the idea to life and promote it.

Ready to get started? View our Faction List here.

Check out what factions are already available, whether you want to join or propose and see what fits you best.