Jail Guide

Getting Started

You’ve been arrested! First and foremost, we appreciate you for playing fair. You may be wondering about the types of things you can do and not do while in jail, as well as the type of roleplay you can receive. This will tell you everything you need to know.

We would like to stress that our approach to jail touches on realism, but as with any fiction in the RP realm, we aim to do things in a way that will further storyline the most.


All inmates arrested would be brought through the general intake process, whether or not you and your arresting RP officer roleplayed it. Unless it was specifically stated that something in the intake process was not done by the cop, you should assume it was completed.

What happens when I am arrested?

A member of the Juniper Police Department will submit your report with your charges. At this time, you two should converse either on an IC or OOC level about what those charges are. You’ll be able to view your submitted report in the ‘Character Records’ section of this website.

The amount of time that a citizen spends in jail does not depend on those charges, but instead your intentions on furthering the RP and what you plan to do next with it. The minimum arrest is 24 hours. From there, it is all story based depending on whether or not you plan on interacting with our Officers, Prosecution, and Court. Public arraignment hearings will be held at Juniper City Court either pre-scheduled or as needed when players are arrested. All inmates located in jail at the time of the arraignment should be transported to the arraignments for the next steps in their criminal process.

Example: An arrest is made on Monday. The next arraignment hearing is on Tuesday, so the citizen will be in jail until then.

An arrest is made on Tuesday and the inmate needs interrogated. They have contacted the Judge for an arraignment hearing, so the citizen will be in jail until Thursday when it is planned.

An arrest is made on Friday, and they wish to work with Prosecution on an investigation to bring charges. They are released on bond while our DA investigates, and will be pending a trial in the next 30 days.


But Why?

Our mindset behind this process is not only immersion but the ability to give follow up Roleplay. If a homicide is committed, it wouldn’t make sense for a criminal to be back on the streets in two to three days, but with the ability of an arraignment hearing in the future, we can give the criminal next steps in their roleplay, whether that be them posting bond, the notice that an investigation has been opened and a trial is pending, or they will be returning for more jail time. These are just examples of the types of follow up scenes that can come from arraignments. Arraignment hearings are not mandatory. If the criminal does not want to attend the arraignment hearing, they are welcome to NPC it and leave jail at that time. Arraignment hearings are put in place for criminals who want the follow up roleplay and to further their interaction. Alternatively, if a criminal does not want to leave jail and has arranged a longer interaction with the police, such as an interrogation, they are welcome to stay longer and attend a later arraignment hearing. If the criminal cannot attend the arraignment hearing on Tuesday and wants to leave jail, they can bond out and attend the hearing scheduled on Friday, as an example. It is flexible. The control is in the hands of the player who is in jail, ultimately. We encourage playing to consequences but you have flexibility in how you do so, we don’t want anyone to be missing out on RP.


What's next?

Once you are arrested, we strongly suggest doing two things if you wish to further your RP interaction outside of the arrest: Follow up with both our District Attorney and our Judge. Both the Prosecution Office and City Court have dropboxes with NCs that you can fill in to request furthering your storyline. This notifies our Judge and DA that you are potentially looking for a scene, if an arraignment is not already scheduled they will work with you and each other to bring charges, creative punishments, etc and make a scene at that time. It is also your responsibility to contact a Defense Lawyer to further your RP in that way. We have contacts listed below.

Beyond that, the options you have for RP within jail are plenty, and we strongly encourage that you get creative and make RP happen outside of waiting for an Officer to interact within the cells. Some ideas:

  1. Make phone calls for visitors.
  2. Roleplay with other inmates. Feel free to use NPC guards to move you to other cells if it makes your interacting easier and the other person agrees OOCly.
  3. Submit a NC with the court for follow up RP/attend an arraignment.
  4. Connect with a lawyer for a consultation/scene.
  5. Connect with an Officer for interrogation.


IMPORTANT: Contacts for furthering your RP scenes:

District Attorney: Norah Hassan (Raycen Serevi)


Head Judge: Leon Abbott (katarr resident)

Judge: Trish Claremont (triskall.claremont)

Police Captain: Carrie 'Lems' Rosa (lemonpuss resident)

Lieutenant: Layla Stone (Veena Fallen)

Defense Lawyer(s):  Łαηϊ Đαɾĸмøøη (kaliadena)

Kᴀᴇᴅᴇɴ™ (gdragonoppa)

Annika Wylde (annikasalt)

Jack Paine (rolepiaying)

What if I don’t want to roleplay with the Court?

Since arraignments are optional, at the end of the day we won’t force you to sit in jail if you don’t wish to follow up with court RP. We do ask that you spend 24 hours in jail minimum if you are not going to wait your sentence out until the next arraignment hearing or plan on doing any follow up RP, and then elect for a realistic approach as to how you got out, such as bonding, fines, community service. We strongly encourage trying to further your RP to make a more immersive storyline, keep in mind if you choose to just jail and bail then cops may be less inclined to arrest you in the future.


Help us help you

The fact of it is that playing a cop is very taxing role. Please do not depend solely on police to carry the storyline. In fact, if you want to further storyline with your arresting officer, we really recommend connecting with them OOC and giving them some breadcrumbs to work with. No crime is perfect. Let them know what evidence they would find, what kind of information they can use IC. When being interrogated, we understand that hardened criminals are tough, but you should consider .. will the cop cracking the code further your RP? At times that may be something you opt for. Remember cops put a lot of time into RP scenes too, and if they aren’t getting anywhere, they will likely move onto the next story.


The most important things to remember:

  • No attempts at escape can be made with an NPC, an officer must be present.
  • One phone call is allowed, but if the prisoner wants to make another to call for a visitor so they have a scene, we will not block them from a RP opportunity. You can NPC getting other calls.
  • Prisoners can move cells through use of an NPC for the sake of RP with other inmates if they both agree on it.
  • You are welcome to move your inmate to the shower with use of an NPC.
  • Arraignment hearings are scheduled on specific days and are optional. The prisoner should work with the DA and judge to schedule these hearings.
  • If the prisoner does not want to attend an arraignment or further court RP, they must stay in jail at least 24 hours minimum.
  • Additional jail time is allowed. If the prisoner wants to wait 4 days and attend an arraignment hearing then, or just stay in jail long enough to allow the officer to conduct an investigation, we encourage it. Communicate with the officer to arrange that with them.
  • Visitors cannot sneak contraband into the jail NPC. This needs to be RP’d out with an officer or approved by an admin if one is not available.



I’m not getting any RP, help!

The first thing we are going to ask you is what you have done to generate or further story for yourself during your arrest. Start there, do not wait for it to come to you.

Reach out to one of our applicable Municipal Leads for help furthering your RP:

District Attorney: Needed

Head Judge: Leon Abbott (katarr resident)

Police Captain: Alexandria Stone (luthien36)

If you simply are not getting anywhere though, contact an Admin for assistance.