All members of the sim must be 18 or older OOC

Anyone caught in violation of this rule will be banned from the sim. This is a dark urban RP sim, and it holds an adult rating for a reason.

No idling

Do not idle in active roleplay areas if you are not looking for a roleplay scene. if you need to go afk for more than a few minutes, tp to a non rp area. Anyone found idling will be telported home.

Respect limits

Limits should be respected and reviewed in profiles, and discussed among parties. if there are themes you wish to avoid, that is your duty to avoid them.

Adult themes

While we encourage and allow adult themes ic, we expect you to play to them realistically. being that we are a modern day city, adult themes or nudty in plain view would be considered unrealistic. you must play to ic repercussions and laws. we encourage adult rp but we are not a sex sim.

All characters of the sim must be 18 or older IC

We do not allow child avatars or mesh children. You can NPC your children and decorate your home to represent as such, but child avatars are prohibited.

No OOC in local chat

Keep OOC text to a minimum in local chat. Please keep it related to the scene or anything entirely necessary. Any bantering should be in OOC chat or IMs. please do not disrupt other players immersion.

Actions = Consequences

we expect players to play fair to consequence to actions, even if at times you get away with things. That being said, punishment for actions should also be reasonable.

No Bullying

We will not tolerate OOC harassment among players. This also includes the spreading of personal RL information, hate speech, and/or OOC confrontations either in public groups or private IMs. This does also include social media, such as Twitter. Airing your grievances with another player instead of letting staff handle it is a warnable offense.

No OOC religion or politics

Keep all OOC religious and political opinions to yourself. These themes are acceptable in roleplay, but we do not want to monitor them on an OOC level.

Communication is key

We expect everyone to act like adults and mediate any potential roleplay issues between themselves before reporting issues to a staff member, if necessary. While we allow cross sim RP, we do not manage issues that stem from other sims under any circumstance.

No metagaming or powergaming

No using OOC information IC, or forcing actions on another player. All actions must be attempts. please refer to the combat guide for more specifics.

No limit walling

Do not be unrealistic in your actions knowing you cannot die. even if you have a death limit your character should play to the concept that they can.


Voiding should always be a last result, and needs to be agreed upon by all parties. If you cannot come to a solution should a roleplay go south, contact staff to help mediate.

Post order and etiquette

when entering a scene, all players are required to wait one full post round before posting into the scene. you must also follow a posting order. post out of a scene before leaving and allow people the opportunity to reply. the only exception to this are events or large scenes where due to the amount of people present, post order is relaxed and individual.