Combat Rules

Getting Started

Combat is always something that is openly encouraged on sim. All combat is done with freeform writing. We do not use any meters or anything of the sort. While all general roleplay rules still apply to combat, such as powergaming and metagaming, there are widely known, combat specific rules that most players adapt to, in order to have what is considered good form. It’s recommended you read this guide in full for a thorough understanding, as everyone will be expected to follow this guide to the fullest when engaging in combat scenes.

It is important to know that when entering a combat scene, you should not be entering it with a mindset of ‘winning’. There is a story to tell on either side of the coin, and we are here to write. Going in to a scene with the expectation of your character winning can often cause disappointment, negative feeling, and quite frankly takes enjoyment away from the scene from all parties. It is always expected to go with the flow, and let a scene unfold naturally.

Combat Rules

These things are in place to keep the scene moving smoothly and make sure things are as ‘fair’ as they can possibly be. Here are the most important rules to remember:

Weapon Rules

Now that we’ve covered combat in detail, it’s important we go over weapons, and how they play a part in combat.
These things go hand in hand, so remember to keep those combat rules in mind once a weapon comes in to play.

Like with everything else in roleplay, there are rules and etiquette that should be followed to keep things moving smoothly. Here are the most important things to know about weapons.

Melee Weapons

When it comes to what weapons you use exactly, there are an array of options. We highly encourage the use of melee weapons and the environment in combat scenes.  Here are some examples of melee weapons (CLOSE combat weapons) that we do and do not allow. You are not limited to these options, but this will give you a general idea and prevent you from having to question your every weapon choice. We hope that it helps.

Rule of thumb: If you cannot walk down the street reasonably carrying it, you probably should not. Of course there are exceptions to this when it comes to everyday items that your character may have access to, such as baseball bats, hockey sticks, pipes, 2x4s — whatever you dream up. But these are not things your character would realistically be carrying 24/7, and are more for one off scenes. If your weapon is on the not allowed list, but you would like to use it for a one off scene, ask an Admin and we will likely grant it to you. We're not here to micromanage.

Regarding explosive devices and fires: Anything that will cause small scale damage, is approved by the business it is impacting/characters involved, is allowed. Anything that requires the usage of the Fire Department or will cause major structural damage must be discussed with an Admin.

Regarding the usage of technology/hacking: Get approval from the players involved and work that out between you and them. If they agree it is fair game. Anything directly impacting records of the Municipal groups however, such as Courts or the Police Department need Admin approval.

Regarding vandalism of businesses: Vandalism to a business cannot be done without the leads' consent under any circumstance. This means that you have to contact the lead of that business OOC and get their okay before you do any damage to it. Large-scale damage must be approved by both the lead AND Juniper Staff.

Use your environment! We encourage the immersive use of making weapons out of what would be around you. That means the bar stool, the rock on the side of the road, hell - shove someone through a window. Whatever it takes. Fighting is much more exciting this way.