Firearm Rules

Getting Started

When it comes to firearms, we DO allow them. Firearms come with their own specific set of rules that must be followed. While we do allow any approved citizen to own a firearm IC, firearms are a privilege and you MUST still submit for a gun license. Please note that we can, at any time, revoke this privilege should we be given reason to OOC. I.e., if you are found to be breaking these rules, your right to use one will be revoked.

The purpose of the Armed Group is simple — it prevents any confusion as to whether or not you are armed when you enter the scene. It should not be used to metagame if the gun is hidden on your person, but exists to prevent anyone from accusing a person of manifesting a gun. It also helps us keep track as to whether or not your character legally or illegally acquired their gun. If you enter a scene unarmed, you are unarmed for the entirety of the scene. You are not permitted under any circumstance to switch your tag mid-scene. You are also not permitted to wear your Armed Tag at all times, and it should not be the default tag that you wear when IC. We will elaborate on this later on.

 Note: The only exception to this are the Juniper Police Department, who, when on duty are assumed to be ARMED at all times. They do not need to wear an Armed tag unless they are off duty. Yes, if you are police you still need to apply for a gun.

We only permit the use of semi-automatic handguns. Examples of this would be a pistol or revolver. That’s it. Nothing else, including modifications of any type. It MUST be a handgun and you may carry no more than 10 rounds. Failure to follow this will have your Firearm tag revoked immediately.

We do not allow the use of more than 1 gun at a time.  We do not allow the use of shotguns, rifles, or anything beyond this. The only exception to this are members of JPD Swat, who are approved to use Tactical Shotguns for planned scenes or raids ONLY. No other use.

Important note: There is no need for you to be firing over 10 shots in one scene without breaching on a potential death limit.  The only time you should be firing off more rounds than this is during an approved scene with all parties in which you are pre-agreeing not to touch on a death limit AND you are sure to properly post rounds missing hitting a person (i.e., hitting a wall, a mailbox, a window, etc. - in drive-bys, for example).  While we understand you may be knowledgeable about guns IRL, this rule is put in place for fairness, not the convenience of a small handful of players. Ultimately, this is in regards to the good of the sim, not the good of a few. Remember, guns are a privilege, not a requirement.

Gun Specific Rules

All combat and weapon rules of course still apply, but here are the most important rules about the use of guns in your roleplay, to keep everyone on the same page:

Gun Licenses and How They Work

To encourage being more immersive with weapons, we will be using Gun commodities, aka your Gun License. This section will tell you everything you need to know.

When you apply to become an Armed citizen, there are two options: legally obtaining a gun, or illegally obtaining a gun. The choice that you decide dictates your next step. It is important to note that you need to be true to your character when submitting your application. If your character has a criminal history, specifically a felony, you need to keep that into consideration and expect to have to obtain your Firearm illegally. We will be cross checking your player application and firearm application. If you mention a criminal history, it’s quite possible we will decline you for a legal gun at our discretion, so we encourage you to be realistic. 

It is important to note that legal gun holders can also acquire a black market gun, but only through roleplay means. You cannot apply for both in your initial application. Police, at their discretion (and your OOC consent) may keep your gun license rather than returning it to the court if they choose to blackmail you or bargain with you another way. The point of this is simple: it keeps things realistic and encourages further interaction regarding your firearm, such as a court hearing or acquiring one from a criminal in a seedy part of town. We encourage you to get creative with this and further any use of firearms in RP however you would like.

Again, to clarify: Once your application is approved, whether legal or black market, you will be handed a no copy HUD representing your gun commodity, OR instructions on how to seek the purchase of your Firearm IC. This is not a prim representation for your avatar, you can use any representation you would like. This only signifies the number of guns you have in your possession IC for further immersion. Keep in mind for any gun related arrests, you will need to drop it in the safe in the Police Department. For any lost or stolen commodities, pass the no copy item to the player who has acquired it. NOTE: All original commodities in Juniper are now null and void. If you do not have a v2 commodity, you do not have the correct one and you are not properly Armed.


You are able to acquire multiple commodities if you earn them IC, but please do not 'hoard' them. Use them to further RP and create new storylines through selling, trading, or any other examples that you may create. It is not a competition as to how many you can acquire. Gun commodities are to promote further storyline. Anyone caught hoarding commodities and not furthering RP with them will be asked to return all of their commodities sans their personal one until they can play fair.