Vehicle Rules

Permits and Licenses
We understand the want to drive and rez vehicles on sim. We want your experience to be immersive! While we do allow this, there is a process that is followed in the form of vehicle permits. Vehicle permits can be located in the DMV building on sim and give you the ability to both drive and park your vehicle on sim within reason. We just ask that you please be mindful of where you are parking it and do not block any roadways unless you are doing so for a roleplay scene of course!

We do try to further immersion by using a drivers license. You can find the drivers license application in the DMV by clicking on the license poster. Simply click it and attach it to your avatar as a HUD, and you will have the ability to edit your own photo in. Even if you do not rent a vehicle permit, we suggest grabbing one of these so you can use it as your ID in character!

Important Rezzing Rules