need help? no problem. any of our sim staff is happy to help you with questions, concerns, or issues at any time.

to help us be more efficient, our sim staff have things that they focus and specialize in. please contact the primary person listed in the category that you need help with.
You can simply click their name to initiate an IM in world.
if they are not available or your question falls in to other topics, you are welcome to reach out to any staff members.

You can find boards to easily IM us in the landing point, as well as see which staff members are online.

Sim Owners

Kiryu Hideyoshi (shady biscuit)

  • rentals
  • build inquiries

Peninnah Aisley (jaylah sass)

  • website and technical
  • Municipal Inquiries
  • Sim Plots/Events


Agony Ayria (naomi afterthought)

  • Business Inquiries

Lacie Moore (jubi juneberry)

  • Criminal & Armed Inquiries
  • Sim Plots/Events

Tarra Thorton (tarrathorton resident)

  • Faction Inquiries

Sim Help

Sim Helpers greet players on Sim, point them in the right direction for getting started and answer questions about our sim. If you are new, have questions about rules or aren't sure where to start - these are the people for you!


Current Sim Help:

Alexandria Stone (luthien36.resident)

Ro Ó Dubháin (rowen9580.jolles)


Storyweavers help shape and conduct sim plots, larger scale events and any storytelling between multiple groups on sim. if you are interested or have an idea, contact a story weaver listed below.

Storyweavers can send notices and advertise IC happenings.

Current storyweavers:

Pharin Wilde (PharinWilde Resident)


Group Invites and Rezzing

If you need help with group tags, any of our admins can handle this for you.


if you need rez rights, you must IM Kiryu Hideyoshi (shady biscuit)

Abuse Reports

Abuse reports are handled internally by all admins & sim owners directly. Please submit a report before IMing us so we have all of the information in one place.


Any other inquiries that are not listed here, if you are not sure who to contact, please visit the landing point and contact a staff member that is listed as online so we can best assist you.